the Race 2 the Raven Reveal

Race 2 the Raven ® is an Epic, elite, themed multi-location and faceted adventure experience that allows participants to fully immerse and to interact with their favorite movies, shows, and trends. Race 2 the Raven is by invitation and typically occurs on the 3rd Friday of January every year. It features many strategies, challenges, tasks, and clue elements; combined with celebrity appearances and many unexpected twists. Race 2 the Raven is pure exhilaration from start to finish and filled with unparalleled “money can’t buy” experiences. The Race dynamic evolves each year based on the theme and no two Race experiences are alike.

Race 2 the Raven was created in 2007, by a senior marketing and promotions executive known only as “the Raven”. Other than the Raven being the driving force behind some of the most noteworthy events over the past decade, much about the Raven is still a mystery, even amongst those who work behind the scenes each year. Although the Raven herself remains in the shadows, her masterpieces debut in grand fashion each January.

About Race 2 The Raven
Adventure experience in Race 2 The Raven

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a thrilling, interactive adventure that allows participants a hands-on, fully interactive experience with their favorite movies, show, and trends. With our signature elements, with teamwork, strategy, and mystery for the ultimate experience.
Only Epic Will Do®

Our Values

We respect our country, our freedoms, and our flag.

We respect the military, law enforcement, and all those who have and continue to sacrifice for our freedom.

Race Regulations

Race 2 the Raven is committed to the safety, happiness, and respect of our team, affiliates, vendors, and participants; as such, the following of rules are in place for all events.

No political, Racial, or Social activism or protests are permitted before, during, or following a Race 2 the Raven event, promotion, or reception. We are completely focused on entertainment and safety.

No teammate, sponsor, vendor, affiliate, or participant may speak on behalf of Race 2 the Raven. Any opinions, views, beliefs, or commentary by any of the aforementioned do not represent those of R2tR.

All federal, state and local laws must be followed by teammates and participants.

No activities are permitted by teammates or racers that harm, endanger, humiliate individuals or vandalize and/or destroy property are permitted.

Our Participants

Healthy adults between the ages of 21 – 75. R2tR is not an actual foot race per say, but it contains some physical elements. Please consult with a physician about your safety to participate. A liability waiver, nondisclosure, and proof of fitness are required for participation.

Our current race demographic consists of military, doctors, construction, entertainment, aviation, engineer, finance, real estate, athletes, computer, fashion, astronaut, and various other professions.

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