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We can tell you everything about Race 2 The Raven

When is the Race 2 The Raven?

A new Race 2 the Raven theme debuts in late January each year. The upcoming theme, photos and trivia and trailers are available on social media and

How can I follow the event if I am not on the race?

You can keep up to date on all the Race 2 the Raven action by visiting us online and following us on social media.

How do I join the January race event?

For the safety, security and privacy of our celebrity and VIP participants, Race 2 the Raven’s January debut is by invitation only. You must be formally invited in writing to participate.

There are two ways to receive a formal invite:

1. A personal invite from the Raven
2. A written referral by an active Race 2 the Raven participant; the referral must be approved in writing by Race 2 the Raven

Where does the race take place?

The location of the race changes to accommodate the dynamics of the chosen theme. Race 2 the Raven has started in San Diego, Las Vegas and San Francisco over the years. It typically concludes in Las Vegas regardless of the starting location.

How do I become a sponsor?

Race, Venue and Corporate Sponsorships are category exclusive and based on availability. Send your inquiry, including your name, title, company, contact number and email to the Raven. You will receive a response in 3-5 business days.

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